Craige Luce

Craige Luce

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First Name * Craige
Last Name * Luce
Username * art4med
Country * USA
City Hamilton
Nationality USA
Languages English


Areas of Expertise Educational ServicesMedical and Diagnosticillustration
Preferred Tools


Availability: Freelance


As a medical illustrator, I began animating in Alias/Wavefront and have followed those skills with Softimage, XSI, C4D, Blender, ZB, etc., etc.
As you know, if the concepts and goals are solidly understood, the animation used is immaterial to an animator's skill-- once the buttons are found, the adaptable CG Artist can make ANYthing dance. I can use any commercial software or bring my own.
I have tired of working in isolation and am seeking a group or team position-- see my site at Medical-illustrationDOTcom for CV and samples, incorporating my medical school training into many years' experience.
Sometimes the best use of my faculties is in story-boarding or interpreting and/or researching medical data. Medical accuracy is a primary goal, so whether you are targeting a professional medical audience, patient education, or juries, I can be much more than a designer and animator, including making models directly from patient CT/MRI data imaging studies.